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Meet one of the Top agents at Rapid Realty Bed-Stuy…… Ms. Eleetra Harris ‎.
Nickname: Ms. Harris
Mission statement: As a licensed experienced real estate ‎agent I am dedicated to helping people from all financial backgrounds to find shelter.‎
  Whether it’s a dream loft, penthouse, dream house, condo or a simple studio I am here to assist in your needs. I specialize in short term leasing, commercial leasing and sales, first time home buying, and program rentals. If you have high income but low credit I can assist you by discussing a credit repair plan that can get you the keys to that house you want much faster then you thought! Feel free to inbox me @ or see me on the main page of rapid realty @ click on my face under top agents!
Hobbies: In my free time I love to watch million $$$$ listings and tree house design. For me Take our daughters to work day is every day for me as I am teaching my 14 year old daughter khrista to follow in my foot steps. ‎
Guilty pleasure: sleeping extremely late on sunny bright days. ‎
Likes: First time renters in NYC
Dislikes:‎ Not being able to find your dream home or apartment 
Favorite food: Southern Cuisine
Favorite memory:‎ Receiving an award for closing the most deals within the company for 2013. I placed 4th. 
Strange experience with a client or landlord: 
The Client hugged me in front of his wife then said “honey! Join in!” he was so happy to get the keys to his dream home.
Click Job at the top of the screen and complete the application and you too can make a difference you can be proud of while gaining your financial freedom!

We are looking to train & hire the new generation of Real Estate agents for NYC.  What we offer is an opportunity for you to get your Real Estate Salesperson license. We pay for your 72 hr real estate salesperson course.  Once you are licensed then you can begin to work with the company.  We will pay for your 2 week real estate course and all we ask in return is that you come work for us once you’re licensed.  What do you have to lose??